Happy Wars – This Week in Happy Wars 5/7/2015

HW 5-7_1

Read the blog to find out what cool news we have for Happy Wars this week, including the “Super Premium Mega Campaign”, “Bounty Hunters” Mode, and more!

There’s a “Super Premium Mega Campaign” on in Happy Wars this week!

For a limited time, your chances of obtaining Super Premium Items outside of Happy Time are twice as good with Happy Cards and with Happy Cards Limited Edition!

When you level-up Super Premium Items to Level 10, they can develop into even more powerful Evolution Items, so don’t hesitate — this is your big chance to get these great Super Premium Items!

The Super Premium Mega Campaign continues until May 13 (Wednesday).


This week, it’s “Bounty Hunters” Mode in Happy Wars!

“Bounty Hunters” is a game mode in which you can earn bounty money by defeating enemies and building towers, and victory goes to the first team to accumulate more than a certain amount of bounty earnings. Defeating more enemies and earning more bounty money leads to victory, but watch out: the more bounty you earn, the higher the bounty on your own head becomes, making you a big target for the enemy.

So get your whole team cooperating to earn a bounty advantage over the enemy, and victory is yours!

“Bounty Hunters” Mode continues until May 13 (Wednesday).


We’re featuring Warrior and Mage items in this week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition.

Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of getting Super Premium items in general, and especially the weekly featured items.

Super Premium items are obtained at 100% probability during Happy Time, and at 7% outside of Happy Time. However, because of the Super Premium Mega Campaign this week, the rate outside of Happy Time goes up to 14%!

The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked featured items is 50% of the Super Premium item rate.

HW 5-7_2

The items that are features with this week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition:

Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Fallen Angel’s Spear Weapon
Dark Knight’s Shield Shield
Thrace Helmet Helmet
Lord of Legend Armor
Mage Garuda Stick Weapon
Garuda Head Helmet
Garuda Suit Armor
Garuda Wing Accessory

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until May 13 (Wednesday).


What are you excited for the most? Let us know.