Rogue Legacy coming to Xbox One on May 27th!

Dude’s totally digging that loading screen.

Hey-o yoyo,

So Rogue Legacy is finally making its way to the Xbox One, and we’re super excited to be bringing it to you guys!  It’s been a long time coming, but we did our best to ensure the experience was as faithful to the original as possible.  We worked closely with Abstraction Games and now we’re finally able to extend our legacy to fans on the Xbox One.

The controls are super tight. Me getting hit at the end is my own fault. :(

For those who aren’t in the know, Rogue Legacy is a genealogical Rogue-lite where anyone can be a hero.  Every time you die, your offspring is sent off to avenge you. Each child is unique. One could be a ninja-dwarf, while another could be a nearsighted dyslexic mage.

Lady Evelynn here has both ADHD and OCD.  That means she is awesome and will do well in life.

Sounds crazy right?  Well, it is…  CRAZY TOUGH THAT IS!  You will die over and over, but don’t worry about it! It’s all good, because despite the intimidating ‘rogue’ label, our game features a heavy dose of permanency!

Buy runes and equipment, and even upgrade your manor! Check out that dude’s level!

While the battle may be lost when your hero is defeated, the war is far from over.  Every piece of gold you collect in your fight to purge evil is passed down to your successors, and how that money is spent to strengthen your lineage is up to you.  Every action you make matters.  Play well and make wise decisions, and your heroism will spare your children the plight of overcoming the treacherous castle.

You 2 days after owning the game.


You 3 days after owning the game.

Or treat your offspring like fodder and leave a blooded trail of baby-steps towards victory.  Either way, justice will eventually prevail! 🙂

Probably later.

Of course, we can butter you up to our game as much as we like, but who wants to hear us brag all day?  Why not check out some of the video reviews and summaries available out there on the Internets.  They can provide a much better (and much less biased) overview of whether this game is for you.

Like some of these other guys!

We hope you’re all as pumped as we are to see Rogue Legacy on the Xbox One, and hope you have a lovely day!

Oh yeah, and one last thing, the castle you enter changes every time. So triumph in Rogue Legacy is more about mastery than memory!

This castle? Procedural.