Happy Wars – This Week in Happy Wars 4/30/2015

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Find out what news we have for Happy Wars this week, including a sale, the “One-Comer Campaign”, new items, and a new buff.

This week Happy Wars features an Item Shop Sale with all Item Shop items at 25% off!

Buy support items like the Big Hammer for performing Item Level-Ups, Premium Membership Passes, and more.

And don’t forget the “Buff Pincer” support item introduced at last week’s big game update — really useful in item remodeling!

The Item Shop Sale runs until May 6 (Wednesday).

HW 4-30_2

Continuing from last week, we are currently offering our “One-Comer Campaign” to celebrate release of the Xbox One version.

During the campaign, everyone who plays the Xbox One version of Happy Wars will receive our gift of 20 Happy Tickets, 1 Buff Pincer, and a Mountaineer Backpack (accessory).

The One-Comer Campaign runs until May 6 (Wednesday), so don’t forget to try out Happy Wars on Xbox One!


We have new items and a new buff for you this week.

The new items belong to the “Droid Set” for Mages, and the new buff is called “Thunder Specialist”.

The Thunder Specialist buff enhances the “Thunderbolt” and “Lightning Strike” skills.

HW 4-30_33

Class Item Name Item Type
Mage Spark Rod Weapon
Droid Head Helmet
Droid Body Armor
Jet Booster Accessory


Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances to obtain this week’s new “Droid Set” items and featured Warrior items.


Here are the probabilities for getting Super Premium items in general, and the weekly hand-picked items in particular.

  • The probability of obtaining a Super Premium item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.
  • The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.


Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Massacre Machete Weapon
Flayed Skin Shield Shield
Splatter Mask Helmet
Serial Killer Suit Armor

Happy Wars Limited Edition runs until May 6 (Wednesday).


What are you looking forward to the most this week? Let us know.