Beyond Eyes creator on innovative protagonist



Beyond Eyes creator Sherida Halatoe talks with today about her inspirations in making a game featuring a blind 10-year-old as the protagonist.

I never became a game designer because of the games that are there, I became a game designer because of the games that could be,” says Sherida Halatoe, creator of Beyond Eyes.

The game is a watercolour delight and stars Rae, a blind ten-year-old navigating an unfamiliar landscape in search of her lost cat. The player helps guide her through the world, learning that Rae’s perceptions of that world may not always be reliable – for instance what sounds like a bird might be the beeping of a pedestrian crossing – and helping her to conquer her fears. AAA developers often seem nervous about taking any sort of risk, but to Halatoe it just came naturally as a reaction to the murderous heroes currently ruling games.

Head over to for the rest of the story. Beyond Eyes is due out on Xbox One later this year.