Developer Diary – Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones out Today!


We’ve been working to get you more content direct from developers. Our livestream interviews have been part of this, but we always knew we could do more. Today, we have a blog post for you all, straight from the folks at Curve Digital! Here’s what they have to say:

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones out Today!

Hey everyone, Rob from Curve Digital here! We’re really excited to be launching Stealth Inc 2 on the Xbox One today, thanks to the excellent ID@Xbox program. We’ve recently released OlliOlli and Thomas Was Alone on Xbox One, but Stealth is a slightly different game for us because it’s one we’ve developed all by ourselves here in our London office, and a series we’ve been working on now for nearly 4 years.

Stealth has had a long journey to Xbox – it was originally a lunch time project of our Design Director Jonathan Biddle, but when we put up a little freeware version online in 2011, it suddenly got a lot of attention and hundreds of thousands of downloads. We took the whole game back to the drawing board to make what would become the infamously titled Stealth [redacted]. Can we say [redacted] on the Xbox blog? I’m betting we can. [Editor’s note: Nope!]


So what sort of game is Stealth Inc? It’s a game that takes elements of both puzzle-platforming and stealth, two genres that are often very slow and very serious. With Stealth Inc, we’ve tried to create a game that has some of the most enjoyable elements of both stealth and platforming games, but focus only on the things that really make them fun. For example, hacking an enemy robot from the shadows to trick it into killing its friends before it ever sees you is fun, spending 20 minutes getting back to that point because of a simple error is not. Stealth Inc is all about those moments, giving the satisfaction of solving a puzzle or getting past a checkpoint unnoticed, but making it easy for the player to learn from mistakes and not punishing exploration and discovery.1P_01

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is quite obviously a sequel, and it’s also the first time the series is ever appearing on the Xbox, but never fear. Stealth isn’t one of those games you need to have played through the first game to jump right into the second, and we’ve actually designed Stealth 2 from the ground up to be the perfect first time experience of the series. We’re confident we’ve improved on the original in every single way this time around. Like any good sequel, we’ve taken a lot of queues from player feedback of the original game and Stealth Inc 2 is not only a bigger, longer game, it’s got a lot more depth as well, with a more interesting story and better integrated gadgets and levels, all wrapped in one giant Metroidvania overworld.


We hope you try out Stealth Inc 2! You’ll be seeing as Curve Digital lot around here a lot more from now on as well; we’re bringing at least another four games to Xbox One this year and another six before the end of February next year. Happy gaming!


And that’s not all! Curve Digital also provided us with this awesome concept art! Click through to em-biggen. So many great designs!