More news from GDC!

Yesterday saw the reveal of lots of new games for Xbox One. Today, the conference brings more exciting news about ID@Xbox and Xbox One.

ID@Xbox Program Comes to Windows 10

It’s been an amazing year since we showed off the first ID@Xbox pre-release games last year at GDC. Many ID@Xbox games have shipped, hundreds of games are in development, and more than 1,000 independent studios have Xbox One development kits in hand. Today, we revealed that ID@Xbox will be expanding to help developers succeed by reaching gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10.

During the keynote, head of Xbox Phil Spencer and ID@Xbox director Chris Charla were joined by Other Ocean’s Mike Mika to demonstrate cross-platform multiplayer in #IDARB.

Pinball FX 2 will be a Windows 10 launch title, and will support cross-buy – “Players will be able purchase a Pinball FX2 tables on either Windows 10 enabled devices or on Xbox One consoles, and play it on the other platform at no additional charge.”