#IDARB Community Spotlight! Songs, and characters, and ringtones (Oh, my!)


It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so there’s lots to cover. You folks are doing some amazing things with the in-game editors, and it’s time you got recognized for it! We showed some of these on this week’s Showcase, but there’s just so much we couldn’t cover. So without further ado….

First up, our friend Shifty Samurai has put together lots of characters, including teams from TV phenomenon Supernatural, Marvel and DC comics, Star Wars and more! Check out his albums on Imgur.

We also had a whole team of Michael Jacksons, complete with logo and songs, from Mr XBob!

Then, there were the fantastic songs from ScribbleFilo. These are great renditions of pop culture hits, including Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, and classics such as The Hustle.

Rounding out the creations are more great comic characters from @Dwalk89 on Twitter.

You guys really know how to get my attention! If you want to see your creations featured here or on the Showcase, drop them in the comments below! With screenshots coming to the Xbox One dashboard, this is going to be easier than ever.


And that’s not all! There’s tons of more awesome news in the world of #IDARB. Now it’s even easier to hashbomb a game, using a tool created by Nick Mudry. Simply enter the room code and click the hashbomb you want to send. It’s just that easy! There are some hashbombs that aren’t included in this tool yet, so keep digging!


If you’ve enjoyed the zany announcer and his nonsensical spoutings, now you have a chance to make them your own. Bob Baffy, the voice of #IDARB, has released 120 vocal tracks from the game as a ringtone pack, with more to be added! You can also purchase the soundtrack for the game, and download the music stems to create your own remixes! Head over to Mr. Baffy’s site to find out how to get them (right now, you can get the whole shebang for under $6!).

Finally (whew, this has been a lot of news!), the Other Ocean crew are working on a comic book adaptation of the game. I have no idea what this means, but chances are it’s going to be awesome. Here’s an early look at the cover: