In-depth with Rebel Galaxy


Several weeks ago, Rebel Galaxy developer Double Damage announced the game would be coming to Xbox One. If you were at PAX South, you had a chance to go hands-on with the space adventure. Now, OnlySP has gone in-depth with the developer to discuss the details of the game.

Rebel Galaxy builds a diverse universe by fusing together different qualities that a planet can have, in an effort to make each discovery feel new, untouched by human hands, just like space should. “The solar systems themselves are generated with a variation of a piece of software called Accrete that generates solar systems based on dust accretions,” Baldree says. “We start with a solar system itself, which can have different kinds of planets, and each of those filters down with what different kinds of governments and economies can be on those kinds of planets. And then we populate that with, I’m going to call them ‘set pieces’, this might be an asteroid belt or a nebula or whatever. These are distributed according to certain rules, and so it’s built up in layers of randomness. And then the missions, those are going to choose locations based on whatever parameters the mission has, as far as where they’re going to be, how far away, and so on and so forth. Where stuff is, and the kinds of things it’s near, and the kinds of enemies you’ll face, is, to a certain extent, unpredictable. You might be having that first battle in a lightning storm, in a nebula, way off on the rim of a solar system, or it might be really near some starting station.

Rebel Galaxy is due for release on Xbox One later this year. For more on the game, check out the full (lengthy!) interview over on