Now Available! – Unmechanical Extended and #IDARB!!

In case you missed it, we had 2 new games released last week – Unmechanical Extended from Grip Games, and Other Ocean’s #IDARB! We previewed both of these games on the ID@Xbox Showcase livestream this week. Be sure and check it out!


In Unmechanical, you guide a robot as he attempts to escape a mysterious underground complex. To succeed, you will need to solve a variety of puzzles, using the robot’s skills to manipulate the environment. The Extended edition also includes an all-new chapter of the game, tasking you with guiding your robot to rescue another of his robot friends.

IDARB_OtherOcean_One_LowRezGameLogo#IDARB is, of course, the fast-paced crowd-sourced e-sport rumble developed by Other Ocean. Thisunique game allows spectators to influence the game via Twitch or Twitter using specific messages called hashbombs. A number of these are common knowledge, but there are many yet to be discovered. Anyone lucky enough to have gotten an early copy of the game will want to make sure and load up the game again, as new hashbombs have been added for the launch, and Other Ocean will continue to update the game. And, to top it all off, #IDARB is now FREE to Xbox Live Gold members as part of the Games With Gold program! So you really have no excuse for not playing it.