Community Spotlight: Adamazing

Adamazing, in his #IDARB garb

Today on the blog we’re introducing a new community feature. We always like to recognize community members for their accomplishments, and so today we’re kicking off our first Community Spotlight column. Since getting an early preview copy a couple weeks ago, Adamazing has been spreading the word, and diving in to the rich content that #IDARB brings. In addition to putting together that incredible Storify article about the game’s development that we featured last week, he’s been running livestreams that he calls “#ICOOK with #IDARB.” For those of you that might be confused by this title, the game includes unlockable recipes, that are tied to the game’s achievements. These aren’t any in-game crafting recipes like Minecraft, either. These are actual, honest-to-goodness meals that you can prepare, and Adamazing has put them to the test! So, without further ado, let’s hear from the man himself!

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a cybernetic organism sent from the future to spread the word on the best things we have during this time period. In the future, we worry people have missed out on too much. So I’m here to make sure people know about fun stuff. It makes everyone happy, and let’s us all have more people to share it with!

Can you tell us a bit about your history with gaming?

This might ruin the illusion that I’m from the future, but I’ve been playing video games for as long as I remember. I’ll never forget playing Pac-Man on the Atari VCS with my mom one time where a bug made her travel from the top of the screen to the bottom. Straight through all the walls and everything! We turned to each other, “What?!?” and started laughing.

She was also the first person in the family to make it to World 1-3 in Super Mario Bros. I remember thinking those tree things were the coolest looking things ever. This was during Christmas break (we got the NES for Christmas). When I went back to school, I couldn’t stop talking about those trees. No one believed me. No one had made it that far!

From there, we got a Sega Genesis (because of Mortal Kombat). I didn’t have a Super Nintendo until way later.  Looking back, it doesn’t make much sense I got a Genesis because I loved the NES so much. Then I remind myself of Mortal Kombat. Oh, yeah… Duh. That game… I could watch a documentary of just people talking about their first experiences with it. It’s fascinating to me.

I made the right choice though. The Genesis was awesome (even if the greatest game of all time was on the SNES).

The rest is his story. Wait no, my story. I meant history. Stupid autocorrect.

You’ve done a couple livestreams for #ICOOK with #IDARB. Which recipe has been your favorite?

I’ve made four of the recipes so far. Abbie Heppe’s pumpkin bread has been my favorite, but that’s not really fair to the others. I mean, it’s pumpkin bread. Of course it’s going to win. Caitlin Oliver’s teriyaki chicken is second. My four year old will eat all the chicken. All of the chicken in the whole wide world. Rice? Not so much. When I made that, it was the first time he ate all of his rice. It’s that good.

The results of the latest #ICOOK with #IDARB - Chris Charla's sliders!

What is it about #IDARB that inspires you?

Originally, it was just Mike Mika. He’s the most charismatic person in the universe. I could listen to him on podcasts forever. It’s also the sense of humor. As more people at Other Ocean started helping out on #IDARB, I could tell why they all work together. Yes, the game has the greatest controls ever. Yes, it’s super fun. Yes, the idea of crowd sourcing ideas (and it working so well) is great. But the sense of humor! It really inspires me and makes me happy to know there are people out there excited to share ways to laugh and have a good time that anyone can enjoy.

Mostly though, #IDARB is the pinnacle of what a video game should be. One simple rule, “Avoid missing the goal for high score.” The game part of it is so simple, which makes it so easy to have fun with. The perceived limitations this game has also opened the door for new artists, musicians, chefs, sports fans, programmers, and video game users. People are creating all types of fun things!

The “limits” the music/character/flag creators have make you work harder. And people are lining up to do it! They’re sticking with it! They’re not being lazy and shrugging it off, “I don’t want to do that. It’s too hard.” No! They’re making stuff and enjoying it! Then they’re all happy to share it. #IDARB is the best thing to happen to video games and to the Internet.

What has been your favorite #IDARB moment – either in-game or out?

I was watching someone stream the game. I was hashbombing them, and they were having a good time. It was funny to see them experience/comment on ones they hadn’t seen.

The best was the #genesis hashbomb. #IDARB pops up on screen, and you hear “#IDARB!” in a voice similar to “Sega!” at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog games. They started cracking up and dropped their controller. It was hilarious.

If you could invent a hashbomb for the game, what would it be?

#getyourasstomars: The billboards start to play the video message of Douglas Hauser repeating, “Get your ass to Mars.” The playfield then looks like you’re on Mars, and all the characters are wearing space helmets.

How can readers find/follow you? 

I’m Adamazing on pretty much everything. Let’s do fun stuff together!

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Don’t let life pass you by.p


Huge thanks to Adamazing for helping to share the phenomenon that is #IDARB. We’ll be doing more Community Spotlights in the future, so if you know someone who should be nominated, let us know!