ID@Xbox 2014 Year in Review

As we’re nearing the end of 2014, it’s time to take a look back at all the great things that this year has brought us.

First up: The GAMES!!! April of this year brought the release of “Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut,” the first game to be published through the ID@Xbox program. Since then, a total of 33 games have been released – from great independent titles like “Thomas Was Alone,” “Super Time Force” and “Never Alone,” to sports and arcade games like “RBI Baseball 14” and “Pinball FX2,” to the creepy hit “Outlast,” and the free-to-play sensation “Warframe.” For a full list of game releases, see below.

Since the launch of ID@Xbox, literally thousands of developers have signed on, and there are hundreds of games in progress! 2015 is sure to be another great year, with great games such as “KnightSquad,” “The Escapists,” “Plague, Inc Evolved,” “Superhot,” “Smite,” and “Space Engineers” on the way. Check out the trailer below for a peek at these games, and many more 🙂

We’ve also recently started a community livestream, the ID@Xbox Showcase, featuring gameplay from both upcoming and released games. The show airs twice weekly on the Xbox Twitch channel, and you can watch old episodes on Twitch as well. We’ve got some big ideas for this show, including sneak peeks at upcoming games, developer inteviews, even community playdates where you can play with us!

Finally, we’ve launched this fantastic new website and a new Facebook page! We’ll be bringing you all the news as it happens, so be sure to stick around for announcements, trailers, news and info!


Games released in 2014:

1001 Spikes
Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition
Boom Ball for Kinect
Castle Storm Definitive Edition
DiveKick – Addition Edition
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream
The Golf Club
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Jackbox Party Pack
KickBeat Special Edition
Never Alone
Pier Solar and the Great Architects
Pinball Arcade
Pinball FX 2
Pure Pool
RBI Baseball 14
Sixty Second Shooter Prime
Stick It To The Man
Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut
Super Time Force
Thomas Was Alone
Volgarr The Viking
Worms Battlegrounds
Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition