#IDARB Community Creations!


On yesterday’s #IDARB livestream with developer Other Ocean, we showcased the in-game character creator and import feature by importing some of our community members’ creations into the game! If you ever wanted to play with the members of the ID@Xbox team (including yours truly and others on Team Willows), the Xbox logo, and more, now’s your chance! Hit the jump to find out how.

To add these characters to your copy of #IDARB, go to the character editor and create a new character. Then choose to edit the character, but instead of manually changing it, press the Back button to activate Kinect. Scan the codes below, and voila! Your new characters are all ready.

Here are some of the creations we’ve received from our awesome community. If you have some you’d like to share, post them in the comments below!

Team Willows, by ShiftySamurai:

Xbox Sprite by MajorIris:

IDARB Xbox by MajorIris


One of our artists also put together this group of totems from Kalimba to celebrate the game’s launch:

Don’t have a copy of #IDARB to import these teams yet? You can head over to IDARB.com and try your hand at creating some yourself! Or check out the full gallery of user-created characters!

#IDARB launches in February, so stay tuned for more information.