Download Queue! for September 21, 2014

This week saw the release of several games through ID@Xbox. It’s probably one of the fullest release weeks we’ve ever had, and hopefully, you’ll find something you can enjoy. Click through the pictures to find out more!


First up, we have Never Alone from E-Line Media. Developed in partnership with the Alaskan native tribes, Never Alone offers a unique look at the tales and culture of the Iñupiat peoples. The game takes you through the travels and travails of a young girl trying to save her village from an endless blizzard. Together with a friendly fox, her adventures take them through challenges both real and mystical. Play alone or with a friend, and experience the magic that is Never Alone!


Next, from the makers of Fibbage and You Don’t Know Jack comes the Jackbox Party Pack. This pack features 5 games, including a new version of both these hit games, along with 3 all new games: Lie Swatter, Drawful, and Word Spud. Like Fibbage, all of these games are playable by connecting your tablet or mobile device to the game. These are all great games to play in a group, though some can be played solo as well. Honestly, anything that gets me more of Cookie Masterson’s trademark snark is a good thing.


If you’re a fan of old-school RPG’s, you should definitely check out Pier Solar and the Great Architects, from developer WaterMelon. The game follows young Hoston and his friends as they embark on an adventure to save his sick father.


Rounding out the week, we have the Xbox One release of Thomas Was Alone, from Mike Bithell and Curve Studios. I can (almost) guarantee you, you’ll never get more emotionally attached to a colored rectangle than you will in this game. Thomas Was Alone features a host of rectangular characters, each with different abilities, who attempt to navigate their new-found awareness in this great puzzle platformer.